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Sharp words on the housing market – from Oxford Civic Society newsletter

Significant review of the book HOME TRUTHS on UK's chronic housing shortage  *Home Truths: The UK's chronic housing shortage – how it happened, why it matters...

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HS2 – the voice in favour brings you this neat summary of QC Gareth’s arguments in Court today against Chris Packham's case (9 Jul 2020). CV has been battered by...

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Architects’ ‘extreme concern’ at PM’s plans to rip up planning rules

Copied from BuildingDesign: subscribe to BD at Architects greet PM’s plans to rip up planning rules with ‘extreme concern’ RIBA president warns Johnson not to waste...

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#HousingCrisis: letter from 10 UK leaders

Letter to Guardian from Reverend Paul Nicolson, Taxpayers Against Poverty; Tom Burgess, Progressive Policy Unit; Professor Danny Dorling, University of Oxford; Fred Harrison, Land Research Trust Stephen Hill, director,...

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[OffTopic] Rename the Randolph ?

Email to head of GRADUATE HOTELS (Inc.) - no reply received Re  : Changing the name of the Randolph Hotel will be a...

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